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Your shoes say a lot about our commitments and our desire to reduce our impact on the environment. From the start, the LE FORMIER teams have worked with passion to give meaning to each shoe model.

LE FORMIER Shoes made in FranceLE FORMIER Shoes made in France

Made in France

Enhance and perpetuate our French know-how

LE FORMIER shoes are manufactured exclusively in France in our factory located in La Romagne (49). With a heritage of more than 75 years as a French shoe manufacturer, the Cléon factory can count on the expertise of its teams to perpetuate the French know-how for which it is renowned.

Between the different operations (cutting, stitching, assembly or even finishing) there are nearly 45 people who work to design your shoes. Men and women driven by passion and the demands of their profession, which requires know-how and concentration!

Raw and sustainable materials

Minimize the impact of our shoes on the environment

1. European materials

In a local approach to limit our carbon footprint, all our shoes are designed from European materials selected for their quality and harmlessness.

For the manufacture of our leather shoes, we only use traditional leathers from European cattle farms. In this way, we allow animal skins to be used and not to be thrown away. A noble material, leather has many properties: flexibility, resistance, impermeability; true guarantees of quality and durability!

For the laces of our derbies and boots, we use a workshop located in Cholet (49), just 10km from our factory.

2. Certified materials

Leather tanning is an essential step in the manufacture of a leather shoe. This is why as a shoe manufacturer whose models are mainly made of leather, LE FORMIER has chosen to surround itself with Leather Working Group (LWG) certified tanneries to take concrete action in favor of sustainable production. The LWG certification gives the assurance that all our partner tanneries are committed to producing leather while respecting people and the environment.

3. Sustainable materials

From the beginning, LE FORMIER has been committed to respecting the environment. In this desire to be ever more responsible, we innovate each season in the choice of materials.

Eco-friendly materials

Carefully select labeled materials

In addition to working with Leather Working Group certified European tanneries, we try each season to innovate in the choice of our materials. More ethical materials for durable shoes and a controlled carbon footprint.

Top materials

Vegetable-tanned leather

Cuir tannage végétal
Cette technique de tannage permet de transformer la peau en cuir grâce à des essences et pigments naturels respectueux de notre santé et de l’environnement.

This tanning technique transforms the skin into leather using natural essences and pigments that respect our health and the environment.

Chrome-free leather

Cuir sans chrome
Le tannage sans chrome est un tannage synthétique n’utilisant aucuns sels de chrome ou métaux lourds. Un procédé qui assure des chaussures saines et durables.

Chrome-free tanning is a synthetic tanning that does not use any chrome salts or heavy metals. A process that ensures healthy and durable shoes.

Seaqual recycled polyester

Toile polyester recyclé Seaqual®
Le Seaqual® est un polyester recyclé à 100% qui provient de déchets récoltés dans l’océan (filets de pêche, bouteilles en plastique…) Un sans-faute pour cette fibre éco-conçue qui dépollue les océans !

Seaqual® is a 100% recycled polyester that comes from waste collected in the ocean (fishing nets, plastic bottles, etc.) A faultless result for this eco-designed fiber that cleans up the oceans!

En savoir plus

Lining and laces

Global Recycled Standards

Global Recycled Standards
Le label GRS est un label qui garantit que le textile est composé de fibres recyclées et qu’il a été conçu dans le respect de normes sociales et environnementales. LE FORMIER s’appuie sur cette certification pour sélectionner les textiles destinés à la fabrication de certaines doublures et lacets.

The GRS label is a label that guarantees that the textile is made of recycled fibers and that it has been designed in compliance with social and environmental standards. LE FORMIER relies on this certification to select textiles for the manufacture of linings and laces.

Quality and safety

Guarantee the quality of our shoes

f our impact on the environment is at the center of our concerns, the quality of our shoes is too. Making our shoes in France in our factory allows us to carry out regular checks and guarantee the conformity of our products.

The InnoSHOE guarantee

Signatory of the InnoSHOE charter, we are committed to designing elegant and durable shoes, guaranteed to be free of products that are toxic to health.

InnoSHOE is a safety charter signed voluntarily and collectively by shoe manufacturers. Through this certification, LE FORMIER undertakes to regularly check the conformity of the materials used by carrying out test campaigns with accredited laboratories.

This innovative approach aims to reassure our customers and comfort our resellers in their choice of supplier and offer more transparency and reliability.